Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Since I actually have a moment tonight (thanks to Chris being in class, Brandon at Royal Rangers and Caleb pre-occupied with "Over the Hedge"), I finally took a peak at the links I have for a little inspiration. What I found was this Chocolate Scone recipe from Tasty Kitchen. I don't currently have any chocolate chips or whipping cream, but I think at my next grocery store adventure, I'll have to pick some up! It just looks too yummy to pass up! Well, and it is chocolate...


  1. I heart Tasty Kitchen! I have a Food Network coconut scone recipe I want to try, we should pick a day and post our scone reviews together!

  2. Oooh! That sounds like a great idea Sarah! We'll have to designate a particular day. I'm up for it! (Plus, if that coconut one turns out good, I'd love to try it!!)


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