Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chicken Crescent Rolls

Just in case anyone is wondering, NO I didn't get the potato salad made this weekend. It just got too busy. However, I do still want to make it! Hopefully sometime this week...

Tonight's dinner was from a recipe I got several years ago - long before we had the boys. At one time, Chris was playing on a basketball team at the Hoop with a few old college friends. Some of us wives would hang out during their games and at one point, we decided it'd be fun to exchange recipes! That is where I got this one from. I apologize that the measurements are pretty non-existent, but you can easily figure out just how much of what you'll need. It's a very easy recipe that tastes really good. I apologize that there's no picture either - it just happened that my camera battery needed to be charged.

Chicken Crescent Rolls
1 pkg crescent rolls
1 can of chicken (or the meat from 1-2 chicken breasts)
1/4 pkg of cream cheese
1-2 Tbsp milk
Shredded pepper jack cheese
Bacon bits
Butter, melted
1/4-1/2 cup bread crumbs

Take the crescent rolls and unroll from the package. Take two triangles and put together to make one rectangle. There should be four rectangles in a package. Make sure the middle seams are securely together.

Combine chicken, cream cheese, milk and bacon bits. Stir well together and place in the center of each crescent roll rectangle. Top with pepper jack cheese. Fold over and press edges to enclose the crescent roll. Roll in a bowl with the melted butter, then roll in a bowl of breadcrumbs. Bake as directions on crescent roll package call for.

This would be an easy recipe to add your own taste to it - Chris really likes the bite of the pepper jack cheese and I like the flavor of the bacon bits. It's very mild, however, when baked.

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  1. That sounds a lot like those nasty -- in my opinion ;) -- chicken bakes from Costco, except WAY better!! Definitely plan to try these! Do you think they'd freeze well once assembled, then you could just pop them in the oven whenever? Or bake and then freeze? Kind of like hot pockets, but again, WAY better :)


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